2014-2015 Professional Development

Welcome to NCDPI's Southeast Region Professional Development (PD) page. This page serves as a resource for districts and charters. Each link will provide access to the materials and topic information for regional professional development offered through the RttT initiative.

Please click on a link to access the presentation.

August 21, 2015 Win-Win Discipline- UNC-P

July 20, 2015 NCEES- NC Charter School Conference- Durham Convention Center

May 21, 2015-NCSIP Coordinators' Meeting

March 26, 2015-Principals/Directors-Sampson County

March 23, 2015-Teacher Leadership Specialist Evaluation-Sampson County

March 18, 2015- Data Literacy- Region 2- Onslow County Schools Family Ed. Center

February 16, 2015- RIGOR, RELEVANCE, & RUBRICS- Pamlico County

February 10, 2015-Teacher Leadership Specialist Evaluation Training-Region 2-JSCC

February 4, 2015- Writing Effective PEPs for HS & MS Educators- Pamlico County

January 23, 2015-Intro to Schoolnet-CFCI

December 15, 2014-NC Educator Evaluation System (NCEES)-New Hanover

December 10, 2014-Observation Calibration Tool-Pamlico County

December 10, 2014-Coaching Teachers for Professional Growth-Pamlico County

November 21, 2014- Teacher Leadership Specialist Evaluation Training- Craven County

November 5, 2014 Cross District Strategic Solutions

November 4, 2014- Open Class-New Bern

October 28, 2014- Principals' Council- JSCC

October 27, 2014- PEPs & MTSS- Pamlico County

October 27, 2014- Rigor, Relevance, and Rubrics- Pamlico County

October 22, 2014-NC Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) Principals & APs New Hires

October 22, 2014-NC Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) New Hanover County

October 21, 2014- EVAAS- New Hanover County

October 15, 2014- Data Driven Decision-Making-Regional Jacksonville

October 7, 2014-EVAAS & Schoolnet for School Administrators-Lenoir County

**October 3, 2014-NC Educator Evaluation System-DHHS**

September 23, 2014-Differentiation for the Diverse Classroom-Pamlico County

September 19, 2014-Differentiation in the Classroom-Jones County

August 26, 2014- Developing a Comprehensive, Data-Driven School Counseling Program- Onslow County

August 14, 2014 - Intro to Schoolnet - Arapahoe

August 7, 2014- NCEES- School Counselor & Media Coordinator Evaluation Process- Carteret County

August 6, 2014- NCEES-Teacher Observation & Halo Effect- Pamlico County

July 29, 2014- TNL- PD System_Learning Management System- Wayne County