August 26, 2014
8:30-11:30 Middle and High School
12:30-3:30 Elementary School
Onslow County

Click here to access the NCEES Support Staff wiki page. Ready_homebase-clear.png Click here to access NC BOE Policies.

During the 3 hour session, participants will access resources for the support staff evaluation process and deconstruct the rubric for observation and evaluation of school counselors and explore data sources.
  • Connect the support staff evaluation process to the standards, elements and descriptors of specified rubric.
  • Determine expectations for evidences of "proficient" and "accomplished" by deconstructing the school counselor rubrics.
  • Determine data sources needed for identified areas of focus

Learner Outcomes:
  • Understand the support staff evaluation process.
  • Apply behaviors and evidences that align with ratings on the rubric.
  • Synthesize the support staff evaluation process, rubrics, behaviors and evidences to assimilate expectations for performance in school counseling.
  • Identify an area of focus need aligned with the counselor standards
  • Explore data sources available for identified needs.
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20 minutes
Welcome & Belief Statements
In this part of the session, I can
  • Access resources.
  • Get acquainted.
  • Formulate belief statement.
75 minutes
School Counselor Evaluation Process
In this part of the session, I can
  • Understand the School Counselor Evaluation Process.
  • Generate evidences of 21st Century School Counselor aligned with rubric.
15 minutes

60 minutes
Treasure Hunt and Analyze Data
In this part of the session, I can
  • Conduct Treasure Hunt
  • Analyze to prioritize
  • Reflect on results
10 minutes
Closure and Survey
In this part of the session, I can
  • Complete session feedback
  • Complete evaluation survey