Click here to access the School Library Media Coordinator Evaluation Process Users' Guide.

Click here to access a fillable School Library Media Coordinator rubric.

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  • During this activity, participants will deconstruct the NC SLMC Rubric.

1. Identify elements within standards that you feel are targets for professional learning or the professional growth of SLMCs in your LEA/School.
2. Locate the rubric posters aligned with the standards and elements and discuss the descriptors with your colleagues.
3. Formulate evidences/ behaviors aligned with the actions/verbs in the descriptors.
4. Frame your thinking around the questions to follow:

-Based on the actions within the elements and descriptors, what evidences are expected in a school with a proficient or accomplished SLMC?

-Related to these elements and descriptors, what are you currently observing in your school/in your district?

-As a coach, what do you need to do to help move SLMCs to the next level along the continuum?

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